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Volume I & II Athletes

Alex Ruoff
G, Basketball, #22

Name: Alex Ruoff
Birth date: 8/29/86
Hometown: Spring Hill, Florida
Parents’ Names: Kim Ruoff
Siblings’ Names: Eric and Kristin Ruoff
Pets and Names: Shadow (Female Black Lab/Retriever)
College Major: History (Minor- Sports Psychology)

50 Things to Know about Alex Ruoff

The Favorites!

1. Favorite Quotation (and who said it): 
“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John Wooden
2. Favorite Color: 
3. Favorite Performer: 
Casting Crowns
4. Favorite Movie: 
The Patriot
5. Favorite Book: 
6. Favorite Television Show: 
Sports Center
7. Favorite Song: 
Word of God Speak (Mercy Me)
8. Favorite Class (from what grade, school?): 
History 152- The Growth of the American Nation to 1865 (Sophomore year – WVU- Melinda Hicks) 
9. Favorite Teacher (from what grade, school?): 
Professor Melinda Hicks (Sophomore year – WVU)
10. Favorite Subject (from what grade, school?): 
WWII (sophomore year – WVU)
11. Favorite Food: 
12. Favorite Vacation Spot: 
Virgin Islands
13. Favorite Place to Hang Out at WVU: 
14. Favorite Sport to Play: 
15. Favorite Sport to Watch: 
16. Favorite College Team: 
West Virginia University Mountaineers
17. Favorite Professional Team: 
Miami Heat
18. Favorite Car: 

The Bests!

19. Best thing about WVU: 
The fans 
20. Best thing about Morgantown: 
The mountains when it is spring
21. Best thing about my hometown: 
The best thing about Spring Hill, Florida, is the beautiful weather and going to the beach
22. Best thing about attending WVU: 
It is a great college experience
23. Best thing about getting a college education: 
For starters, you won’t be an uneducated person after getting a college education, and also it sets you up to have a very successful future
24. Best thing about my major: 
Learning about the past is important, because history always repeats itself
25. Best experience in middle school: 
During a pre-rally, which the entire school attended, we played our biggest cross-town rival in basketball for the County Championship. We won. 
26. Best experience in high school: 
Prom weekend: a tradition at my high school occurs after the prom when everyone drives down to Clearwater Beach (one of the most popular beaches on the Gulf side of Florida) and stays through Monday and all we do is hang out with our friends
27. Best experience at WVU: 
Beating #2 ranked UCLA
28. Best vacation or trip:
Last summer, I went with my best friend to the Virgin Islands for three weeks. It was the greatest experience of my life.


29. Three qualities I look for in a friend: 
Someone who is honest, unselfish, and has a sense of humor
30. Three qualities I look for in a teacher: 
Someone who is caring, fair, and has a down-to-earth personality 
31. Three qualities I look for in a coach: 
Someone who is passionate, determined, and respectful
32. Three of my best qualities: 
I am thoughtful, caring, and have a good sense of humor.
33. Three things I want others to remember about me: 
That I am good Christian person, not only a good basketball player
34. Three reasons why people succeed: 
They are determined, hard-working, and know that through God, anything is possible. 
35. Three reasons why people fail: 
They’re lazy. They make excuses. They try to do something on their own, instead of through God.
36. Three things I do when I am bored: 
Play basketball, go to the movies, hang out with my friends


37. Most important thing a parent can do for his/her child: 
Love him or her
38. Most important things teachers can do for their students: 
Reach out to them on a personal level, get to know them, and help them develop into good people
39. Most important thing coaches can do for their teams: 
Show great leadership
40. Most important thing to do in school: 
Besides get a good education; I would say the most important thing is to not worry about what other people think of you. Do not let peer pressure influence you into making bad decisions.
41. Most important thing to do every day: 
Give thanks to God for all that you have in your life (family, friends, health, etc.).
42. Most important thing to remember about life: 
Live life to the fullest; it’s short.
43. Most important thing to remember about family: 
They are the most important thing in life and you always should cherish your family.
44. Most important thing to do when the going gets rough: 
Ask God for help.


45. If I could do anything, I would: 
lead as many people as I can to Christ, so they can be saved as I am.
46. If I could change anything in my past, I would: 
take back everything hurtful I have ever said to anyone in my family—every argument, fight, etc. I’d take back whatever I said.
47. If I could meet anyone, I would meet: 
Besides Jesus, I would love to meet Michael Jordan.
48. If I could go back in time, I would: 
do everything I could to prevent any war from happening.
49. If I could see into the future, I would want to know: 
when God is coming back.
50. If I won a million dollars, I would: 
make sure everyone in my family was taken care of financially.