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Volume I & II Athletes

Joe Alexander
F, Basketball, #11

Name: Joseph Alexander
Birth date: 12/26/86
Hometown: Mt. Airy, Maryland
Parents’ Names: Steve and Allyson Alexander
Siblings’ Names: Rosie, Michelle, John, and Jeremy
Pets and Names: Yellow Lab named Chandler
College Major: Computer Science

50 Things to Know about Joe Alexander

The Favorites!

1. Favorite Quotation (and who said it): 
“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” ~ Winston Churchill
2. Favorite Color: 
3. Favorite Performer: 
Tiger Woods
4. Favorite Movie: 
5. Favorite Book: 
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
6. Favorite Television Show: 
Anything on the Discovery Channel
7. Favorite Song: 
Canon in D-Minor
8. Favorite Class: 
Introduction to Programming, 10th Grade, Hong Kong International School
9. Favorite Teacher: 
Kathy Ortman, 8th grade math, International School of Beijing
10. Favorite Subject: 
Computer Science, 10th grade, Hong Kong International School
11. Favorite Food: 
12. Favorite Vacation Spot: 
Any couch
13. Favorite Place to Hang Out at WVU: 
My apartment
14. Favorite Sport to Play: 
15. Favorite Sport to Watch: 
16. Favorite College Team: 
17. Favorite Professional Team: 
Charlotte Sting
18. Favorite Car: 
Nissan Altima

The bests!

19. Best thing about WVU: 
Alex Ruoff
20. Best thing about Morgantown: 
Rusted Musket (restaurant)
21. Best thing about my hometown: 
That it’s rural but not too rural
22. Best thing about attending WVU: 
Getting a good education
23. Best thing about getting a college education: 
Job security
24. Best thing about my major: 
That my kids some day won’t be more computer literate than I am
25. Best experience in middle school: 
26. Best experience in high school: 
Finding inner peace
27. Best experience at WVU: 
Hassling Alex Ruoff at Towers because he wouldn’t keep the window closed :)
28. Best vacation or trip: 
University of South Florida road-trip Freshman year

Three Qualities

29. Three qualities I look for in a friend: 
Someone who is loyal, competent, and tranquil
30. Three qualities I look for in a teacher: 
Someone who is credible, tranquil, and loyal 
31. Three qualities I look for in a coach: 
Someone who is tranquil, credible, and loud
32. Three of my best qualities: 
I am tranquil, loyal, and worldly
33. Three things I want others to remember about me: 
I love Sheetz; I hate fast food; I work out A LOT!
34. Three reasons why people succeed: 
They don’t make excuses, they stay focused, and they work hard. 
35. Three reasons why people fail: 
They don’t stay focused, they let a significant other get in the way, they do drugs.
36. Three things I do when I am bored: 
play basketball, listen to music, think

Most Important Things

37. Most important thing parents can do for their children: 
not baby them
38. Most important things teachers can do for their students: 
be patient
39. Most important thing coaches can do for their teams: 
respect them
40. Most important thing to do in school: 
take notes (especially in math)
41. Most important thing to do every day: 
worry about your future
42. Most important thing to remember about life: 
it goes on
43. Most important thing to remember about family: 
forgive and forget
44. Most important thing to do when the going gets rough: 
stay focused


45. If I could do anything: 
I would play basketball professionally.
46. If I could change anything in my past: 
I would practice more.
47. If I could meet anyone: 
I would meet Jesus.
48. If I could go back in time: I would: 
fight in the war of Troy.
49. If I could see into the future, I would want to know: 
if man faces extinction.
50. If I won a million dollars: 
I would give it to my parents.