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Volume I & II Athletes

Wellington Smith
F, Basketball, #35

Name: Gabriel Wellington Smith 
Birth date: 5/1/87
Hometown: Summit, New Jersey
Parents’ Names: Winston and Elzadie Smith
Siblings’ Names: Winifred and Erin Smith
Pets and Names: One dog and his name is Shadow
College Major: Communication Studies

50 Things to Know about Wellington Smith

The Favorites!

1. Favorite Quotation: 
“Impossible is nothing.” 
2. Favorite Color: 
3. Favorite Performer: 
Chris Brown
4. Favorite Movie: 
Forrest Gump
5. Favorite Book: 
6. Favorite Television Show: 
7. Favorite Song: 
Christmas Songs
8. Favorite Class (from what grade, school?): 
Gym, all schools
9. Favorite Teacher (from what grade, school?): 
Whatever ones like me!
10. Favorite Subject (from what grade, school?): 
11. Favorite Food: 
Mac and Cheese
12. Favorite Vacation Spot: 
13. Favorite Place to Hang Out at WVU: 
the Coliseum
14. Favorite Sport to Play: 
15. Favorite Sport to Watch: 
16. Favorite College Team:
West Virginia
17. Favorite Professional Team: 
Boston Celtics because of Ray Allen
18. Favorite Car: 
Chevrolet Tahoe

The Bests!

19. Best thing about WVU: 
The people
20. Best thing about Morgantown: 
The people 
21. Best thing about my hometown: 
My family and friends are there and I love it there.
22. Best thing about attending WVU: 
It feels like Jersey.
23. Best thing about getting a college education: 
More options once you get older
24. Best thing about my major: 
It’s so broad.
25. Best experience in middle school: 
8th grade basketball leagues; I played in four leagues.
26. Best experience in high school: 
My entire basketball career
27. Best experience at WVU: 
Playing basketball
28. Best vacation or trip: 
Las Vegas


29. Three qualities I look for in a friend: 
Someone who is trustworthy, loyal, and independent
30. Three qualities I look for in a teacher: 
Someone who is loyal, helpful, and kind
31. Three qualities I look for in a coach: 
Someone who is real, kind, and shows tough love 
32. Three of my best qualities: 
I am helpful, fun, and trustworthy.
33. Three things I want others to remember about me: 
I am a hard worker, a good guy, and a good friend.
34. Three reasons why people succeed: 
They are smart, believe in themselves, and believe in others.
35. Three reasons why people fail: 
They make the wrong decisions, aren’t trustworthy, and/or have a bad group of friends.
36. Three things I do when I am bored: 
play on my computer, watch tv, and relax

Most Important Things

37. Most important thing a parent can do for his/her child: 
Guide them but let them live.
38. Most important things teachers can do for their students: 
Guide them and teach them and don’t become inpatient.
39. Most important thing coaches can do for their teams: 
Guide them, trust them, and give them tough love.
40. Most important thing to do in school: 
Pay attention.
41. Most important thing to do every day: 
Enjoy life.
42. Most important thing to remember about life: 
It goes on.
43. Most important thing to remember about family: 
Family comes first.
44. Most important thing to do when the going gets rough: 
Keep going.


45. If I could do anything, I would: 
play professional basketball in the NBA.
46. If I could change anything in my past, I would: 
change nothing because everything happens for a reason.
47. If I could meet anyone, I would meet: 
48. If I could go back in time, I would: 
move Martin Luther King, Jr. back inside.
49. If I could see into the future, I would want to know: 
if my dreams will come true.
50. If I won a million dollars, I would: 
buy my mother a house with a walk-in closet.